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We provide eco-conscious commuters with the accessories they need to get where they need to go in style.  Our skirt guards (aka dress guards or coat guards) will help ride in your skirts, dresses, and long coats without fear of becoming tangled in your back spokes.



Guarding your skirt with a skirt guard

We love DIY as much as the next person, and, when, we originally started commuting by bicycle, we tried a bunch of different ways to keep our skirts and dresses out of the our bike tires.  We tried putting weights on the hem of our skirts; we tried hitching them up and tying with rubber bands; we even tried sitting on the bike in a way that kept our skirt bundled under our seats.  But nothing was convenient.  All of these methods only half-worked and always took time to set up every time we wanted to ride.

When we first started looking for solutions, there was next to nothing on the internet.  After much research, we found a british bicycle store that would ship skirt guards to us from across the ocean, but that was quite a lot of hassle and expense.  That’s what motivated us to bring a simple solution to US customers.  With the growing number of people who choose to forego transportation by car and opt to cycle, we knew there would be more of us who faced this problem - wanting to cycle everywhere but not wanting to have to redo their wardrobes to be be more cycle friendly.

IF you get a step-through bicycle and outfit it with one of our skirt guards, you’ll be surprised by how easy it becomes to ride a bike in a dress or skirt.  The only problem these solutions don’t solve is that you still have to hold your skirt down if you don’t want to reveal what’s under it! 

How do you deal with your cycling and style related troubles?  We would love to know!

Skirt guards have been a must for a long time.

Check out this image from an 1893 article from the New York Times about ladies cycling problems!  Even back then skirt guards were a necessity for riding with a skirt or dress.  Can you imagine riding a bicycle in that kind of skirt? Phew, glad fashions have changed.

Here is the link to the full article, in case you are curious: 

Ever tried to bike in a skirt?  Ever gotten tangled up in your back spokes, ruining your favorite dress?  Has it ever made you late to work?  Well, skirt guards are your solution.  Skirt guards were once a common component of many bicycles found in the US, but have somehow faded out in our time.  But, unlike having six wine glasses at dinner, this past practice should be revived because it made a lot of sense.  When you want to cycle in s a skirt or long coat or similar clothing, a skirt guard, also known as a dress guard or a coat guard, is the thing you need.

Our skirt guard is a one size fits all bikes and styles.  It is easy to attach and is weatherproof.  It's the most convenient solution to a very ordinary problem.  Don't let the tangles keep you from green commuting!  Purchase a skirt guard here.